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NoClone - Duplicate MP3 Finder

It is common that thousands of MP3 files are in your computer or iTunes library. Do you notice that some of them are duplicate? There may be exact content same duplicate MP3, as well as audio files with different sampling rate or tag data such as artist, album etc. Repeatly MP3 downloads or file sharing activity generates duplicate MP3 easily. Disk space is wasted if you do not handle them. Get NoClone Duplicate File Finder now, and follow the four simple steps below to find and delete duplicate MP3 quickly and easily!

How to delete duplicate mp3 with NoClone?


Step 1: Download and install the latest version of NoClone Duplicate File Finder, then run it.

Step 2: Set up search criteria to speed up your search and restrict files to those you are interested in.

1.Select search template

a. By Search template: Duplicate MP3

With this search template, NoClone will search for MP3 with same Tag data in mp3 files. Some MP3 is duplicate in case of tag data like same title and artist, but different in file content due to different sampling rate.
Tip: You can define the MP3 tags for search by checking “Redefine…”

define duplicate MP3


b. By Search template: Similar files

Some MP3 with same sampling rate but slightly different in tag data. Thus they are not exact content same as the tag data is stored as part of file content. Finding similar files helps to uncover duplicate MP3 in this case. Please select the file type by checking “File type(s)” box or define the MP3 tags for search by checking “Redefine…”

define duplicate MP3

Tips: NoClone supported tags: *mp3; *rm; *wav.
You also can check “music” from the “File type” drop-down list.to find and delete all duplicate songs.

2.Select specific path or folders to search duplicate MP3 by browsing the folder from the “Folder” list box;

Select duplicate MP3 folders

3.Exclude folder by checking “Exclude Path”;

Exlude foler

4. Click “Search” button to start finding duplicate MP3 automatically.

Step 3: Review search results and remove duplicate MP3 using “Smart Marker”.

1.Check “Review” menu to review the duplicate MP3 result.

Review Duplicate MP3 Result

2. Mark the duplicate mp3 by checking “Smart Marker” or by manually after reviewing the search results;

Mark Duplicate MP3

Step 4 Remove Duplicate MP3

Check “SaveSpace” to remove duplicate Mp3 by deleting permanently, moving to recycle bin or replacing bin.

Remove duplicate Mp3

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